Annoyed to Perfection

James 1:4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

Have you ever asked God for something? I mean you prayed your FACE OFF…and it seemed like God wasn’t listening, or that He just decided He wasn’t going to do it. And then when you least expect it (it could be months or yearsssssss), it drops in your lap like a freaking hot potato…but you don’t really recognize it at first because it came in a form you’d least expect or didn’t expect all!!

Well I’m currently in a period where things/people/ideas/tasks that I have prayed for are coming in ways that I didn’t expect and in some cases, didn’t necessarily want. I struggle with the fact that, sometimes my answers don’t always look like I imagined it…it doesn’t feel as good as I wanted it to…or produce what I expected it to produce, WHENNNNNNN I expected it to be produced….and then that word PATIENCE comes up…

It seems like even when you get your answer…PATIENCE is still a factor that won’t go away…won’t be ignored…and won’t let up no matter how much you complain…

Patience to me is like those moments when you’re in a hurry and you’re on the freeway burning rubber…I mean you’re in that 75-85 mph type speed zone…you’re doing good so far (no cops!! lol)…you look forward and see a clear stretch ahead of you. THENNN all of a sudden this car  jumps in front of you and starts to drive extremelyyyyy slow…you have no way of getting around it so you have to slow down and DEAL WITH IT!  In these cases, sometimes you try to PUNK the car in front of you by driving up on its rear in efforts to say “Hey YOU! Either drive faster or GET OUT OF MY WAY!!” lmbo (don’t act like you’ve never done it!)…However it doesn’t always work like that in life…and in most cases THE CAR WON’T MOVE…so you have the option of either slowing down & waiting on God….or cause a complete wreck trying to get around it (which will stop you in your tracks COMPLETELY)….

You’re SOOOO irritated that you don’t even realize that this car is actually saving you…it’s saving you! CARINMOTIONTRYINGTOGOOOOOOOOO SAY WHAT?!?!?! (Hahaha Hanna Montana!!) Yes…that annoying snail of a driver is actually saving you. What you don’t know is that a few miles ahead there ISSSSSSSSSSS  a cop…Yup! Sitting right in the trenches waiting to clock & ticket…and YOU, my friend, were the next victim! Oh and there’s construction ahead of you too…if you’re not careful, driving too fast may cause you to miss the detoured exit it gives you…which will cause you to delay your route…Oh and because you were rushing…you didn’t realize that you didn’t have much fuel to begin with…speeding was causing you to burn too much fuel, too fast…you were going to run out of gas before you got to your final destination….BUT because of the snail…I mean…because you had to slow down…you’re now left with enough gas to make it to where you’re going….

Patience ladies and gentlemen…lol

No, but for real, when you pray for something…most of the time you want it soon, if not now…you don’t really want to wait for it…especially when you see the open road and it looks clear. In your mind, you know that this will be all you have to do to get it….and then this unexpected factor is thrown in front of you. And that factor begins to produce patience…as it prepares you for the detour, saves you from spending more than you have (that ticket), and causes you to pace yourself so you won’t burn out before your arrival….Ok maybe this is not YOU…but it is ME…it has been me for a while…

And in light of things not looking how I thought they would…Please don’t get me wrong, I am FOREVER grateful for my answered prayers. But in all honesty…sometimes I’m like…”Really God?!?! This how you want to do it?!?!” lol…but I’ve learned to embrace it, because soon after, I realize that it’s exactly what I want AND need (perfect and complete, lacking nothing). BUT…Patience like to always throw itself in …even in the midst of my blessings and say…I’M STILL HERE….YOU STILL NEED ME….THIS WON’T END! lol…So even in the blessing…I have to be patient with the blessing -_- lol…so at this moment…this time in my life…I’m learning to take it for what it is and ask God to give me wisdom in the midst of it all…so that the patience I need will surface and I will slow down if I need to…

In the next few verses of James chapter 1, it  goes on to say:

5If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. 6 But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. 7 For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; 8 he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.

If I be honest…I’ve NEVER seen the “double-minded man”…in this light before. That me being impatient, was not only a sign of me not having faith in God regarding my prayers, but that it is also a sign of me being unstable ANDDDDDD double-minded?!?!?! WHATTTTTTTT….oh so now I’m double minded?!?! Oh ok…OH UN UH!! ….I love Jesus with all of me! lol I set out to live holy (set apart for God’s use) ANDDDDDD acceptable! lol…But my reaction to this verse was only because I’ve only seen double mindedness in ONE way and that’s in the context of James 4: 1-8 (go read it!) where it talks about being an adultererrrrrr…and unpureeeee… friends with the world and being worldlyyyyy…..and so on and so forth…Now for those of us who grew up in the church (Shout out to my PKs!!) You know anytime somebody in church say double minded…you automatically think of a person who has one foot in the world & one foot in God. Trying to do their own thing one minute…and act like they loving on God the next… and well…that’s how I always looked at it…

I didn’t realize that my lack of faith meant that I was indeed double minded…and that my impatience was only because I doubted that God was able to perform my requests…which caused me to start thinking like the world, in the sense that my impatience caused me to try to figure out my own way of getting it done…(as if there is no God capable of  fulfilling my request) or completely giving up on it altogether…moving faster than I needed to…or not moving at all…because I didn’t believe God…I didn’t trust that the instructions given in Ps 37: 3-6 was enough for me to be granted my heart’s desires…….Why??? Because He took too longggggg….He threw that snail in to produce the patience I needed to make sure that I am perfect & completely ready for what I’ve asked for….and that I’m WISE when it comes, so that I will first, recognize it and then, appreciate it.

So in a sense…Patience is your protector, your teacher, and your tester. It is placed in your life through trials & tribulations….or in this case just waiting…so that your perseverance through these factors can produce the wisdom you will need to handle your blessing….

So although annoying at times…Patience is actually a blessing in disguise…so let’s just chill out…cut back on life’s road rage…stop trying to PUNK the snail…and recognize that this blessing is just here to perfect (mature) us and complete (prepare) us for our answered prayers….

Heart’s Love



11 thoughts on “Annoyed to Perfection

  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Keep on pressing sissy! God got you and when you feel like your being tested just think about this blog and what this season has taught you! BIG BIG BIG hugs!

  2. Man I needed to hear this I’m most definitely being tested but almost feel as if MAN my patience is being played with…but most definitey needed to hear that GOD BLESS…

  3. Whitney, Whitney, Whitney! Glory Be To God! I’m praising God right now for you being obedient to his words. Woman of God you are so in line with what your daddy Bishop Alton Davis Jr. been speaking. Patience is so what I need right now. God has been speaking that in my spirit and you just given me fresh revelation on it. Much needed for a time such as this. Keep doing amazing things for God, Eyes haven’t seen ears haven’t heard, nor has it entered the hearts of man- the wonderful things God has prepared for they that love HIM!

  4. WOW! God really spoke through you as you were writing this blog! Because this is so on one accord with everything that has been happening! God just creating patience in his people because we need to learn how to wait on him!!! So thank you for posting this Whitney! And I thank God for using his vessel so mightily!!!

  5. Wow Whitney!!!! That was some Good stuff you laid out that!!! Oh so true!! I love it!!! Lord knows he has been patient with me on this journey to complete submission to him so surely i gotta be more patient with others and what i want ya know!!! Lord have mercy!! That is real talk though. I find myself often looking at something slowing me up in the natural to clearly being at times a protector for sure!! I will say it out loud to others too to help change their perspective at the time!! Love you Whitney!! You are my lil angel i tell ya!! hugs

  6. Awesome again!!!! I know I’m about a year in a half late, but it’s right on time for me!!! I Love It, Be blessed lil sis and thank you! Love you -Madronica

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