Heart Spoken: My Personal Psalm

Every time I read a Psalm passage, I am intrigued at how transparent the writers are, especially David.  In one Psalm, David could be praising God and sharing his confidence and gratitude in the Lord, and turn around and express his fear, insecurities, and doubts in another.  But even in those Psalms where you find David fearful & doubting, he tends to have a moment where he completely flips the script, combats those feelings, and begin to express that in spite of what he sees, feels, or think, He knows that God is true, so he will continue to place his confidence in the Lord God of Israel!  I don’t know about you, but David transparency is a breath of fresh air!  People tend to make you feel like you’re not a true believer because sometimes you have doubts that God is near….sometimes you get impatient and want to know WHERE THE HECK IS GOD?!?! lol  But I read Psalms, and I see these people, expressing my same thoughts and feelings, and yet they know how to transform those thoughts, and remind themselves (and us the readers) that God is faithful.  And well David, is one man who doesn’t sugar code how he feels.  But what I love the most about David, is his ability to recognize the magnitude of our God and His sovereignty  despite those moments when he feels like God has abandoned him, or is taking too long to come through.  David makes it a point to express to God, that he knows that God is who He says He is and because of that He will trust Him!  Gotta love it!

Anyway, I said all that to say that this…I wrote my own Psalm.  I know it’s kind of weird that someone named ProVerbs is writing a Psalm lol (I beat you to the joke! Ha!), but I did.  One night I was pretty much going through it, and I started to read Psalm (Side Note: If you are ever feeling some type of way, and don’t know how to express it to God, I can almost guarantee that there is a Psalm that can totally explain how you feel.  So search the word & when you find that passage, simply read it to God. I find myself doing that at times (-:…just thought I’d share), I told myself I wanted to write a Psalm to God to express to Him how I was feeling…so this is the product of that night…I hope you can see my heart as you read, and maybe it will even compel you to write your own…so anyway, here it is…My Psalm

Enjoy 🙂


My Psalms: Heart Spoken

Though my heart is filled with the hurt of rejection,
You Oh, Lord have reminded me of your love,
And though the thought of my pain seems to plague me at my darkest hour,
You Oh Lord remind me of your faithfulness to me and your promise to never leave me,
I find my refuge in you, my hope in your love, my peace in your will for my life,
You alone have comforted me,
Only your words alone can heal me,
And when my insecurities try to overshadow my destiny,
You send your sons to remind me of your great plans for me,
Forgive me Oh Lord, for I have sinned against thee,
I have turned my face from thee and wallowed in my adversity,
My laziness has caused my desire for your word to run dry,
But I ask that you find mercy with me,
That you restore my thirst for thee,
My desire is to love you more than anything else,
And even if I have to forsake all to fulfill your destiny,
As long as you show yourself strong and make it clear that it’s you speaking, I will follow you and find comfort in knowing that You Oh Lord are with me,
For your love is better than the sweetest lips,
And my hunger for You goes beyond the fulfillment of my deepest desires
You Oh Lord are my God forever,
Your plan of salvation has allowed me to know of Your goodness,
Without You my life would be fruitless,
The purpose of this journey would be pointless,
But you have predestined since the beginning of the world that through Jesus Christ I would have the chance to fellowship with you,
Forgive me for taking You for granted,
You could have birth me during a time where I would be lost,
But You have graced me for such a time as this,
And for that I am grateful,
Now please search me Oh Lord, and if you will please purge me of the things that you find that is not of you,
Pull away those things that hinders my walk with you,
And place in me the characteristics of your Son and who you desire for me to become,
I am a yielded vessel,
Emptied for your purpose,
In wait for what is to come,
Prepare my heart, Oh God
And let not pride or selfish ambition lead me astray,
But remind me to stay humbled at heart and focus on You alone
For you alone are worthy of all the glory, honor, and adoration,
Both now and generations to come,
Let my bloodline continually give you praise with a sincere heart and a made up mind to please You ultimately.
In Your Son, My Lord and Savior’s name,  Yeshua the Christ


2 thoughts on “Heart Spoken: My Personal Psalm

  1. Proverbs thank you for sharing your Personal Psalm. I Love it! I’m so inspired by you, so much that I want to pick my pen and book back up and start writing again. I love you soo much you are such a blessing to the body. Miss you and thanks again!-Madronica

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