Matters of the Will


Matters of the Will

I can only believe what truth has given us,

And truth has given us mighty hands,

An example of a humble warrior who fights and conquers,
Heals and demands,
Demolish and revives the broken despair of our natural existence,
All while being led by a
Challenging our senses to master what is unseen,
And trust it beyond what vision gives,
Chosen over the mind AND the heart to help guide us and let live,
What most decide to ignore, some choose to pursue,
And while the latter is initially looked upon as the lost,
Irrefutable wisdom reveals it’s indescribable truth,
Unchosen, unmade, intolerable it may,
Be it is,
and will always be beyond the beginning and without end,
Hard to believe the power it breathes into the lifeless,
How one can be confound and spirit saved by strategic foolishness,
Good news still it is and it does
With one sent strong as the Father, and lowly as the Son,
So from dust until dawn,
The timeless will fall,
And that will remain is the results of a decision amongst the chances of plenty,
A gift to the narrow and a curse to many,
That is…
Free Will.

5 thoughts on “Matters of the Will

  1. Here is my comment and it goes a little something like this. I saw proverbs davis tweet on twitter and I was like let me stop by like a critter and to my surprise and I shattered by what lied on this webpage. The butterfly was let out of its cage after reading this poem that you flowed on. All praises to Christ Jesus for His sacrifice. Seriously though sis, I liked this poem. God is so mighty yet His still small voice so gentle. I appreciate your placement of His might as well as His still small voice. God bless you.

    • Thank you for taking time out and reading it! That means a lot to me, and yes God is so mighty! How “awe” stricken should we be at the thought that God SO huge, yet willing to lead us, if we’re willing to believe and let him! 🙂

  2. This was so amazing, deep, & profound! I love the way you grasped our attention from beginning to end & how you explained the power that lies in not only the will of God, but also having free will period…I thoroughly enjoyed reading this poem & deem it as a favorite of mine so MAJOR shoutouts to you on an extraordinary piece, sis ^_^!!!

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