MV Challenge


Hi! I’m ProVerbs Davis, the creator of the MV Challenge, and I think it’s about time for another round! What’s a MV Challenge you say?? The MV Challenge is a interactive challenge dedicated to memorizing and discussing scriptures from the Word of God aka the Bible. The difference between the MV challenge and other memory verse challenges you may see, is that the core of this challenge is group effort. We challenge you to not only do this with us, but to create an accountability group among you and your friends. We post tips to help with memorizing, discuss the meaning of verses together, and encourage everyone to create instagram videos of learned verses (my favorite part!!). It’s all about learning the Word, having accountability, and enjoying the process! So with that said, I would like to challeng YOU to join us in learning at 1 memory verse a week.

In our last round, over 60 people accepted the challenge! It was so encouraging to see people so hungry for the Word of God. I’m looking forward to God adding more people to this challenge, and I pray that you are included.

Joining the #MVChallenge is as simple as following us on Instagram @TheMVChallenge or checking each Thursday, September 3 – December 3, for new verses each week. Thank you in advance for joining us on this journey! Hope it is as much of a blessing to you as it is to me.

Hearts Love,



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